The Fourth Quarter Is Our Season of Giving

We’re firmly entrenched in the fourth quarter and along with the increased traffic and revenue that all businesses are enjoying, Team Ava Promotions is also enjoying the holiday spirit. ‘Tis the season for gratitude and giving, and while we look for ways to support worthy causes throughout the year, we ramp up our philanthropy during the winter months.

When we donate our time and energy, it does more than make us feel good. Not only does this strengthen our bond with other leaders, but it brings us closer together as a team as well. We see one another as people who care deeply about the issues being faced in our neighborhoods, and as those with the courage and drive to make a difference. Knowing that we work with such admirable colleagues is one of the things we’re most grateful for this holiday season.

Our Ava Promotions giveback goals for the next two months include food drives, volunteering with at least one local shelter, and sponsoring a toy drive. Getting involved is the best holiday gift we can give ourselves, because nothing helps us feel even more grateful for the lives of comparative luxury and stability we lead.

This is sure to be one of the best fourth quarters we’ve ever had, both on and off the books. Follow Ava Promotions on Instagram to see how we give back to our communities.