Success Strategies We’ve Learned From Winning Athletes

We view success in business as a team effort, so it makes sense for us to learn lessons from professional sports teams. These men and women know what it takes to be successful, and encouraging a sports mentality at Ava Promotions HQ keeps us at the top of our game.

For instance, we admire the way that each person on a sports team has a specific role to play, which means that everyone brings a unique set of strengths with them onto the court or field. We compare this to the Ava Promotions commitment to honoring the diversity of our associates, and encouraging them to focus on their individual backgrounds and viewpoints.

Another lesson we’ve adopted is the need for daily training. Professional athletes spend hours each day honing their craft, practicing fundamentals, and staying in game-winning shape. We may not exercise quite as much, but we do put the same amount of focus on continual learning and staying up to date on the latest techniques being used in our field.

We’ve also learned the importance of coaching from our favorite athletes as well, and incorporate this into our training program. From day one, new hires are paired with seasoned mentors who know the ropes of our business and have a proven track record of accomplishment.

These are just a few of the ways we’ve copied the success strategies of sports teams. Like Ava Promotions on Facebook to see how we put these lessons into action.