Kelly Continues Leading Us in the Right Direction

Team Ava Promotions is excited to announce that we have a new partnership with a growing company in the retail sector! Thanks to this latest addition to our company’s portfolio, there will be lots of opportunities for development and advancement. Our firm’s leaders are being trained in this new product line as we speak and will soon be bringing this knowledge back to the rest of us.

With the excitement of our company’s continued success, we wanted to take some time to highlight Ava Promotions’ President, Kelly. She is a seasoned expert with years of experience in our industry under her belt. Kelly is a competitive and natural leader who will guide us and our firm to new heights. She was an athlete in college, which has a strong influence on her leadership style.

In fact, we’ve embraced a sports mentality on our team because there are important attributes and lessons that can be learned by emulating athletes and the way they approach competitions. For example, training is a daily habit for anyone who’s serious about winning. For us, this means developing a habit of continual learning that keeps us on the cutting edge of the latest techniques being used in the field, and also being knowledge experts when it comes to the products we represent.

With Kelly leading our team and our growing portfolio of brands, we’re sure to exceed all expectations this year. Check out our Ava Promotions Newswire feed to keep up with current events at our office.