Heading South of the Border for Well-Earned R&R

The Ava Promotions office is buzzing with even more excitement than usual because of our upcoming trip to Cancun! Our team members worked very hard for the last 12 months to qualify for this exclusive, all-expenses-paid R&R retreat.

The weekend will be filled with pampering, of course, but also fun social gatherings and chances to network with top industry leaders from all over the world. We’re imagining ourselves relaxing poolside, drinks in hand, sharing best practices with our peers from the East Coast, West Coast, and even Europe. The connections we make here are sure to bring incredible opportunities down the road.

We’re interested in travelling with our in-office colleagues to this exotic destination as well. Trips are a great way for us to bond on a personal level, away from the busy schedules and duties of our normal routines. Not only will we come back refreshed and ready to tackle Q4 in a big way, but we’ll be closer as a team as well.

Along with this exciting announcement, we have more good news: Ava Promotions is hiring. This news comes just in time for self-starters who are eager to prove themselves in our fast-paced industry, because they still have time to start qualifying for next year’s Cancun retreat.

We’re all about personal and professional growth, and traveling the world with our coworkers and friends. Follow Ava Promotions on Instagram to see live content from our upcoming retreat.